July 2019 News

Its been 6 months since we started changing the layout every month. It has worked well with different people deciding the layout as it has resulted in completely unpredicatable stands each time.

The weather has been kind to us over June and July which means no mud and we have been able to open up stands in the woods again which is enjoyed by all that attend.

The Canteen is open every Sunday and provides tea and coffee and breakfast rolls and well as cold drinks. A fridge has been installed which is great especially as we run off a generator as there is no power at the Shoot ground.

The Team of Chris, Jim, Trish, Rhys, Ian and Kieran work hard during the two weeks between shoots, clearing up and ensuring the shoot is all ready for 10am on the Sunday. They put alot of work into it and they know it is appreciated by all that attend. They do look forward to their cooked breakfast on the Shoot Sunday morning as a thank you!

Improved Facilities For All

In February this year we built a larger sheltered area for people to stand in when its raining or cold. We also put in a log burner for those colder mornings which has proved to be quite popular with everyone.

Parking has always been an issue at the shoot so we have made a new area for 4 x 4 vehicles to park in. There is space for at least 8 vehicles – if parked sensibly – which frees up space in the car park.

We aim to change the layout of the shoot once a month. On the second shoot of the month we alter some of the stands just enough to make it slightly different for the regular shooters.  There is a team of 4 who set up the shoot and one of the team each month chooses the layout.  This way we feel there is a different approach to setting it up leading to a more varied shoot.