October 2020

We have now been open since 14th June following the Government Coronavirus Advice . We have introduced a booking in system which works very well and is liked by everyone who attends the Shoot. By implementing a booking in system it stops queuing and allows social distancing to be adhered to. We introduced a one way system which means no one doubles back to a stand thus preventing the 2m rule being broken. We always have a spare stand on hand in case one goes down therefore again allowing a smooth transition through the Shoot.

We have started providing tea and coffee which is on a self service basis and included in the price of a shoot. Food also is provided if pre-ordered at least 24hrs before the shoot morning.

We ensure that there are always anti bacterial wipes for buttons on each stand and again provide them in the toilets.

The feedback from our shooters is that they feel safe and COVID compliant and would like the booking in system to remain.

Whilst COVID-19 is affecting all of us in one way or other, Normanhurst CPSC is trying to provide a safe place for people to come and shoot without feeling anxious about the virus. The following months are going to be a testing time for all of us and we hope that we will be able to continue running the shoot as we are so people can continue to enjoy their shooting.

See our Coronavirus News

March 2020

The weather this winter has been atrocious and we had to shut the shoot when storm Ciara hit. However, our group of stalwart members came out to the other shoots battling the winds of Storm Dennis and saying it was ‘interesting and fun’ shooting clays that were flying all over the place !!

We have had to cut a path through the woods to get to Stand 6 and 7 due to the state of the ground as we are resting certain areas of the shoot to allow the mud to dry out and the pathways to recover. We have for the month of March stopped Down the Line for this reason.

We have a great team of people who help us out. Dom and Chris are up at the shoot between shoots moving traps, maintaining them and also making sure the ground is clear. On the Saturday before the Shoot we have a team of 6 people who help put out the batteries, fill up the traps and generally make it ready for the shoot the next day. On the morning of the Shoot they turn up at 8am to connect the batteries, test the traps and go round marking the stands as to what each stand is set up as.

We ran a members Competition on Sunday 9th March. We have divided our members into Classes (not CPSA gradings) but just using their handicap scores to put them into three classes. The winners of each Class won a trophy . Two of our Junior Members shot very well and one of them won their Class and the other was runner up in his Class – shooting alongside the adults.

Our next members Competition is on 17th April.

As we are now into Spring we hope that the weather improves and we can start putting on more varied stands. The set up changes monthly but we have left it alone for the last two months due to the wind and rain and moving traps around in the mud was not feasible.

We have two students working with us at the moment …. one is a student from Plumpton College on work experience with us and another one is completing her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. They both work alongside us as they have to know how to set up and run a Clay Pigeon Shoot as well as the principles of handling a shotgun and safety surrounding both these subjects.

July 2019 News

Its been 6 months since we started changing the layout every month. It has worked well with different people deciding the layout as it has resulted in completely unpredicatable stands each time.

The weather has been kind to us over June and July which means no mud and we have been able to open up stands in the woods again which is enjoyed by all that attend.

 Tea and coffee are available at the shoot.

The Team of Chris, Jim, Trish, Rhys, Ian and Kieran work hard during the two weeks between shoots, clearing up and ensuring the shoot is all ready for 10am on the Sunday. They put alot of work into it and they know it is appreciated by all that attend. They do look forward to their cooked breakfast on the Shoot Sunday morning as a thank you!

Improved Facilities For All

In February this year we built a larger sheltered area for people to stand in when its raining or cold. We also put in a log burner for those colder mornings which has proved to be quite popular with everyone.

Parking has always been an issue at the shoot so we have made a new area for 4 x 4 vehicles to park in. There is space for at least 8 vehicles – if parked sensibly – which frees up space in the car park.

We aim to change the layout of the shoot once a month. On the second shoot of the month we alter some of the stands just enough to make it slightly different for the regular shooters.  There is a team of 4 who set up the shoot and one of the team each month chooses the layout.  This way we feel there is a different approach to setting it up leading to a more varied shoot.