CPSA Shotgun Skills Certificate

We are sure you will like the experience of your first Discover Clay Shooting lesson so much that you will consider taking clay shooting up as a hobby and can offer further lessons to enable you to obtain the ‘CPSA Shotgun Skills’ Certificate, assuming the Instructor is satisfied with your progress. ¬†Each of these lessons will be accompanied by a classroom tutorial.

The certificate will be issued together with a cloth badge which shows all shooting grounds that you are considered safe enough to be allowed to shoot unsupervised. Once this certificate has been obtained, you will have been taught all aspects of gun safety, how to use a gun and an explanation on gun cleaning, how to obtain a cabinet and a shotgun certificate to enable him/her to own their own gun, together with a basic knowledge on how to hit clay targets.

The certificate will also show that you have some experience in using a shotgun, when talking to the Police Firearms officer about your application for a shotgun certificate. Once you get your own gun you will then be in a position to practise at any clay shooting ground.

To book or make an enquiry:
Please contact 07793613766